Four wayfinding towers have been installed around the Central City to help people find the places they want to visit.

Christchurch's Central City has lost many of its landmark buildings that people relied on to navigate their way around.
A need was identified by local businesses and tourism operators that residents and visitors have been finding it difficult to navigate around the Central City - the towers were developed to meet that need.

The wayfinding towers will help people to work out where they want to go and how to get there - they provide a visual reference, highlight key points of interest and indicate walking times between them to allow people to find the best route. This benefits locals, visitors and businesses alike.

The towers have been designed to be seen easily from a distance, informative, multi-purpose and durable.

The wayfinding towers are a part of the Council's Transitional City programme which is important as it provides an opportunity to trial new ideas and ways of doing things, helping to improve the pedestrian environment and connect recovering business areas

The Towers are being installed in four places (see map for details), in car parks on the corners of:wayfinding tower map

Oxford Terrace and Worcester Street
Armagh and Colombo streets
Cashel and Manchester streets
Colombo and Lichfield streets

Facts about the wayfinding towers:

  1. The towers are approximately eight metres high to be easily identifiable from a distance.
  2. They are modular in nature and can be reconfigured. In this way the panels are designed to be changed out and the towers have the opportunity to be used for artworks or events.
  3. Each tower will initially be a different colour with local images printed on to the cladding to provide context.
  4. Each of the towers will have the street names (one on each of the four faces) and will point to a number of key destinations. Panels also include a calendar of events and a map indicating walking times.
  5. The Towers have been designed to resist graffiti and inhibit climbing.