Link to maps, interactive maps, and other mapping tools and resources relevant to the city.

Selected Christchurch City Council maps

Other mapping resources and links relevant to Christchurch

  • StatsMaps(external link) by Statistics New Zealand: Explore and visualise statistics about New Zealand and its people in map form.
    • Categories: People and household maps; Māori ethnicity maps; Iwi maps; Ethnicity maps; Electorate maps; Geographic boundaries (no statistical data); ArcGIS web service catalogue.
  • Canterbury Maps(external link) is a joint data-sharing initiative by Canterbury's regional and territorial authorities.
    • Categories: Air; Canterbury Recovery; Cemeteries; Civil Defence; Council Services; Ecosystems; Imagery and LIDAR; Land and Landuse; Local Attractions; Natural Hazards; Navigation Safety; Planning; Recreation; Resource Consents; Transport; Water; Water Services.
  • LINZ Data Service(external link) by Land Information New Zealand.
    • Categories: Property, ownership and boundary data; Hydrographic data; Topographic data; Geodetic data; Road, address and places data; Crown pastoral land data; Aerial imagery.
  • link)(external link): Directory of publicly-available government held datasets and maps.
    • Links provided to a variety of data sources and maps, including LINZ, Christchurch City Council, CERA, MBIE, Landcare Research, NZTA, GNS Science, Environment Canterbury.
  • My Land Zone(external link) developed by the former CERA.
    • Search a property address to find its land zone and technical category.