The profiles build a detailed picture of what Christchurch communities went through pre and post-quake and are helping determine what needs to be done going forward to build resilience and strengthen functionality across our communities.

They include core demographics, analyse community infrastructure, identify pre and post earthquake issues and map community resilience. Forty-seven zones across the eight Christchurch Community Board wards and four city-wide sector groups were documented and mapped, with all this information now available to the public. This information will be a helpful resource to aid public and community decision makers plan and prioritise local issues.

The 2014 profiles are a record of the community at the point in time they were compiled (November 2014), so some information may now be outdated. 

The 2014 profiles comprise six sections:

  1. Locality: a map and geographic description that includes major built or natural features in the area.
  2. Key Demographics: graphed facts and trends about residents and householders in the area from the latest Census.
  3. Community Infrastructure Mapping: illustrations of the types of support provided by local community sector organisations.
  4. Community Resilience Mapping: a diagram that rates resilience or strength with indicators: community support, volunteering, connectedness, participation and preparedness.
  5. Community Environments: a summary of the social, economic, built, and natural environments.
  6. Key Issues Identified: a discussion starter list of identified issues for future work.