The Spreydon Heathcote Ward area includes the city fringe suburbs of Addington and Waltham, as well as Sydenham, Beckenham, Spreydon, St Martins, Cashmere, Huntsbury, Somerfield and Hoon Hay.

Key Facts

  • 55,455 residents and 21,558 households.
  • 25 Council social housing complexes.
  • 20 primary schools, 1 intermediate school, and 2 high schools.
  • 2 hospitals and 13 medical centres.
  • 2 Council libraries, and 4 community volunteer libraries.
  • Approximately 7,000 businesses employing 45,000 people.
  • Major sport and recreation amenities: Pioneer Recreation and Sports Centre; Addington Raceway; AMI Stadium; Victoria Park.
  • Major shopping centres: St Martins; Barrington; Sydenham.
  • 7 neighbourhood facilities (Council community centres, halls, and cottages).
  • 9 residents groups, and 2 business associations.

Community Projects

  • There are approximately 42 community groups supporting community and social development  in the Ward.
  • There are 4 Council supported community organisation networks that meet on a regular basis.
  • As at November 2014 there are 67 community projects operating that are funded through the Spreydon Heathcote Community Board.
  • The Spreydon Heathcote Community Board provides the 'Off the Ground Fund' for small grants for local community building activities.
  • Community Board sponsored projects: Community Services and Youth Awards; Garden Pride Awards; Hoon Hay Fiesta; Barrington Big Fund; Waltham Skate Jam; Youth Achievement Fund; Neighbourhood Week.


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