The Fendalton Waimairi Ward area includes the suburbs of Merivale, Strowan, Fendalton, Bryndwr, Burnside, Bishopdale, Harewood, Avonhead, Russley, Yaldhurst and McLeans Island.

Key Facts

  • 56,169 residents and 21,078 occupied dwellings
  • 11 Council social housing complexes 
  • 18 primary schools, 4 intermediate schools and 6 high schools
  • 1 hospital (St George's) and 15 medical centres
  • 2 Council libraries (Fendalton and Bishopdale)
  • Approximately 3,800 businesses employing 20,000 people
  • Major sport and recreation amenities: Orana Wildlife Park, Jellie Park Recreation and Sports Centre, Bishopdale YMCA
  • Major shopping centres: Bishopdale Mall, Merivale Mall, Fendalton Mall, Avonhead Mall, and Fendalton Village
  • 9 neighbourhood facilities ( Council community centres, halls and cottages)
  • 7 residents groups and 2 business associations

Community Projects

  • There are approximately 181 community organisations providing community support and sport and recreation in the area.
  • There is one Council supported community organisation network that meets on a bi-monthly basis.
  • As at November 2014 there are 70 community projects operating that are funded through the Fendalton Waimairi Community Board.
  • Community Board sponsored projects include: Community Garden Pride Awards; Neighbourhood Week; Community Conversations; Avice Hill Arts and Crafts Festival; Culture Galore Event; Youth Development Fund.

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