Download brochures and information sheets about Christchurch.

Find Chch Christchurch Mini Map (Spring/Summer 2016-2017) [PDF, 8 MB] [PDF 8.4MB] Find things to see, eat and do in Christchurch

Antarctic Heritage Connections [PDF, 663 KB] [PDF 650KB] A walking trail of central Christchurch sites with a connection to Antarctic heritage. 

Christchurch City Parks [PDF, 1 MB] [PDF 1MB] Information about Christchurch's public parks and gardens. 

Banks Peninsula Parks [PDF, 1.8 MB] [PDF 1.2MB] Information about Banks Peninsula public parks and gardens. 

Avon River Walk [PDF, 3.5 MB]  [PDF, 1.3 MB][PDF 3.5MB] A walk along the Avon River in Central Christchurch with landmarks explained. 

Central City Heritage Guide [PDF, 11 MB] [PDF 6.5MB] Information and map of heritage sites in the Central City. 

Peace Walk [PDF, 1 MB]  [PDF, 1 MB][PDF 1MB] A walk through Christchurch's Central City explaining sites with a Peace theme.