The central city action plan aims to encourage more people back to the central city.

Why we're creating an action plan

More people means more activity and more spending, which will build confidence in Christchurch’s city centre. This will, in turn, help stimulate new investment, attract more residents and deliver on the city’s post-earthquake potential.   

The action plan aims to stimulate investment, support growth and build confidence in Christchurch’s city centre over the next three years until the remaining major facilities and attractions are built.

Who's involved

The action plan is being jointly developed by the Council and its regeneration partners, and will involve central city community, business and property owners and residents’ groups.

The stimulus for this work has been a report from Regenerate Christchurch on the progress of central city regeneration, alongside cross-agency revitalisation work already underway.

The recent economic monitoring work done as part of ChristchurchNZ’s latest quarterly economic update has also fed into this work.

The Council is viewing this as a call to action and is seeking to coordinate new and existing activity across regeneration agencies and the private sector.

The goal

The action plan will focus on:

  • encouraging residential development in the central city and making it an attractive place for people to live
  • looking at how investment in the central city can be strengthened and an environment created where businesses can prosper
  • addressing how the central city can be marketed nationally and internationally
  • events that will draw people into the city centre.

What we're proposing

Thursday 13 September

The central city action plan that will ensure Christchurch’s city centre is vibrant and prosperous has been endorsed by the Council.

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Monday 10 September

A report outlining the proposed work [PDF, 31MB] (external link)on the action plan and seeking Council’s endorsement of the approach will be considered by the Council on 13 September 2018.

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