Central City insights and monitoring

Delivering a prosperous, vibrant, liveable central Christchurch.

At the heart of Christchurch is one of New Zealand’s greatest opportunities. Space for intensive economic growth, a canvas that already offers great vibrant urban experiences, and a place where we want to work with communities to grow great urban neighbourhoods.

Over the next 10 years our goals are to make central Christchurch:

  • the thriving economic heart of an international city
  • a vibrant people-focused place - day and night
  • a city with a growing and liveable Central City

How we're doing

To track our progress towards these goals, city agencies are collaborating with a focus on eight specific outcomes, attached to which are ambitions that challenge us to maximise our opportunities [PDF, 442 KB].

See the set of outcomes and what we are committed to achieving over the coming years.  View up to date progress against our ambitions using data and insights into what’s influencing our delivery.