There are a number of steps and requirements in a subdivision application to be considered if you want to subdivide land.

  1. Complete an application form
  2. Provide an application plan (sometimes called the scheme plan) showing all the relevant information.
  3. Provide a detailed report describing how the rules of the Christchurch City Plan or Banks Peninsula District Plan will be met and how any adverse environmental effects that may be caused by the subdivision will be mitigated
  4. Provide a recent copy of the title for the land in the application. This can be requested from Land Information New Zealand
  5. Provide a remittance for the appropriate application fee (cash, cheque or Eftpos).


Fees and Charges (Form P-301) [PDF, 61 KB].

Please note: the application cannot be progressed to consent until the appropriate fee is paid.

Lodging an application

The completed application can be: