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Building Consenting over Christmas and New Year

The statutory clock for consent processing stops on 20 December 2018 and restarts on 10 January 2019.

We will have a reduced number of staff working throughout Christmas and New Year, apart from on the public holidays.

Since we will be operating with a lot less staff, it would be great if you could try to only book inspections when your work is ready, therefore avoiding repeated inspection time. This will help us to continue with our quick turnarounds and lessen the waiting time for inspections.

Because the statutory clock stops, any processing done is to the benefit of customers. No-one will be disadvantaged by our processing capacity through this period.

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Paperless inspections

As part of passing any building inspection, you need to have consented building documentation on site and available to our building inspectors.

These can be either hard copy or electronically available.

We understand that there are jobs that can sometimes have hundreds of pages as part of the building consent. We are happy to view these electronically if the main contractor can provide access to the stamped and approved documentation via the site office computer or laptop (note, we cannot do this on iPhone Plus).

The approved electronic documentation will also need to be available to anyone on-site who needs to access it, not just the council inspectors.

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Wood burner deadline date

From 1 January 2019, building consents for low emission wood burners come to an end in Christchurch.

If your burner is approaching 20 years and you want to replace it with another low emission burner, then you will need to lodge a building consent with us by 31 December 2018. 

If you miss this deadline, or your burner does not need replacing soon, when you apply for a building consent, it will need to be replaced by an ultra-low emission burner.

For more information, visit our solid or liquid fuel burner webpage.

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Minor variation online tool

There have been some changes to our making changes after your building consent has been issued page on our website.

We have added an interactive tool, which allows you to check if your change is minor or major. You can then determine if you need to apply for a minor variation or amendment for your issued building consent.

The tool shows examples of minor variations and lists the criteria these examples need to meet for the change to be considered a minor variation.

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Dangerous and insanitary building policy

Following recent public consultation and a hearing, the Council has adopted its revised Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy.