Resource consent is needed when land repair works do not comply with all of the rules in Environment Canterbury’s regional plans, Christchurch City Council’s City and District Plans and the National Environmental Standard.

The city and regional planning rules have been amended so that a lot of land repair works are now a permitted activity. However the more complex repair works can impact on neighbouring properties or the environment and require resource consent so that these impacts can be properly assessed and, if necessary, measures put in place to reduce the environmental impacts.

Land repair works may need resource consent from the Christchurch City Council or Environment Canterbury, or both. The two councils are working together to streamline the resource consent process to make it easier for property owners.   

Submitting your application

After you have confirmed the details of your repair works, you (or your contractor) will need to fill out the Land Repair Resource Consent Application Form [PDF, 177 KB] also available in Word [DOC, 2.5 MB]. You can apply for resource consent from both Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury on the same form.

To avoid delays in processing your application it is important that you complete all sections of the form, and provide all of the necessary information. A checklist of information requirements is included at the back of the application form. If you have any questions about the information you need to provide for your particular application please contact the Council on (03) 941 8999.  

Details of how to submit your application are included on the front page of the application form. All applications are submitted via the Christchurch City Council, whether you need consent from the Council or Environment Canterbury, or from both. 

A deposit must be paid when you submit your application (refer to Resource Management Fee Schedule). For applications submitted electronically, an invoice will be emailed to you with payment details.  The deposit is the same regardless of which council(s) you need consent from.

Please note:  Contractors, Project Management Offices (PMOs), and others who need to apply for multiple, similar resource consents for land repair may find it useful to apply for a Global resource consents for repair and rebuilding work [PDF, 1.5 MB].

Processing of your application

The processing of your resource consent application will involve a review of the type of land repair works you will be carrying out, the possible effects of these works on the surrounding environment and people, and the methods you or your contractor will use to minimise or avoid these effects. 

Processing of consents required from Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury will be carried out together, and one decision will be issued that includes consents from both councils (if required). 

Consent is usually granted subject to conditions which you or your contractor will need to comply with when carrying out the repair works. The conditions ensure that adverse environmental effects are managed and minimised.  

It takes up to four weeks (20 working days) to complete the resource consent process if all of the required information is submitted initially. We aim to process applications as quickly as possible, and will keep in contact with you or your contractor/consultant to let you know how things are going.

If any further information is needed a Council planner will be in contact soon after your application has been submitted.

Notification and neighbours’ approval

Applications for repair of flat residential land within the Christchurch City area do not have to be notified and do not require approval from neighbours. 

In most cases, applications for repair of land on the Port Hills or Banks Peninsula will not need to be notified either. However if the repair works will adversely affect neighbours (e.g. a large retaining wall on the boundary), their written approval may be needed. This is usually only required for works with permanent or significant effects. Public notification is only required in these areas if the repair works are likely to have more than minor effects on the environment.

Resource consent costs 

If the cost of processing exceeds the initial deposit, additional costs will be invoiced when processing has been completed. 

Processing fees are based on the time taken to process the application, so the final cost will depend on the complexity of the application and whether consent is needed from one or both councils. Complex applications involve more staff time and often require input from technical experts such as Council Engineers, Environmental Health Officers or Arborists. If the final cost is less than the deposit paid, a refund will be given.

We recommend that you check with EQC before lodging your application to find out whether the council fees can be reimbursed as part of your land claim settlement.

If you have any questions about the information you need to provide, or about the resource consent process, contact the Christchurch City Council’s Call Centre or e-mail the Council’s Land Repair Team:

Christchurch City Council Call Centre on 03 941-8999 or email