You may, in some cases, require a building consent from the Christchurch City Council when undertaking your property’s land repair works.

A building consent is different to a resource consent as it ensures that building work is structurally sound and that drains are properly installed. 

As a general guide, a building consent is likely to be required for the following types of work:

  • Retaining walls greater than 1.5m in height
  • Retaining walls of any height that support a surcharge (extra load)
  • Installation of drainage to address problems relating to local ponding or new groundwater springs (e.g. sump with outlet pipe discharging to the public stormwater system)
  • Re-laying of private drains in a different location, or changing the design of the drainage system, to address local settlement of land.

For more information, or to check whether there are any exemptions that may apply to your proposed building or drainage work, contact the Council on (03) 941 8999.

Please note:  In some cases when a building consent is obtained the land repair works are exempt from needing a resource consent, so it is best to check the building consent requirements first.