Confirm the extent and type of land repair works you will be carrying out on your property.

The EQC land settlement pack contains information about the type(s) of land damage your property has and the potential repair methods. For more information refer to the guide in the pack or visit the EQC website(external link).

If you have received your EQC Land Settlement Pack the first step is for you to confirm the extent and type of land repair works you will be carrying out on your property. This includes details such as the location and depth of any fill or excavation, retaining walls, and any other methods that will be used to repair the land.

Whether you can undertake the work yourself or whether you will need to engage a specialist contractor depends on the type of land damage and the repair method required. 

If you are unsure what works will be needed to repair your property we recommend that you get in touch with a specialised contractor or consultant who is experienced in repairing the type of damage EQC have identified on your property.

Contractors and consultants can advise you on the method of land repair and carry out the work on your behalf. Some will also be able to obtain resource consent or building consent on your behalf, if consent is needed. We strongly recommend engaging a specialised contractor or consultant if your land is contaminated or potentially contaminated. There are additional legislative requirements for contaminated land which make the resource consent and land repair processes more complex.

The Yellow Pages contains listings for various types of specialist contractors and consultants, including Environmental Consultants, Contractors, and Earthmovers.

If you are managing the land repairs yourself you will need to check if resource consent (link to land repair webpage Is a resource consent needed?) or building consent is needed, before works commence. You may be able to undertake your property’s land repair work without needing to obtain any consents.

Please note: If you have any questions about your EQC land settlement payment, the land damage types or potential repair methods you will need to contact EQC. Call 0800 DAMAGE (0800 32 62 43) or visit the EQC website. (external link)