The Council issues a section 133AP notice to require the owner of a building to do work, erect a hoarding, fence or warning sign, or to take action regarding earthquake-prone buildings.

The notice is issued under the Building Act 2004(external link).

Notice received

If you have received a notice from the Council indicating that your building has been assessed as being earthquake prone and you do not agree with this assessment or have completed strengthening work, please send your engineering assessment or completion documentation to

One of our engineers will review the information providedIf our engineer’s review agrees with your information we will remove your building from the Earthquake-prone Building Register. If our engineer’s review disagrees with your information we will continue to issue you with a section 133AP notice.

Displaying the notice

A copy of any notice issued by the Council must be attached, in a prominent position, near to the main entrance to the building and must not be removed or relocated without the Council's approval. A person commits an offence if the person (owner) fails to attach the notice in accordance with the section 133 AU of the Building Act 2004 and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $200,000.

The notice informs the public that they are entering and using a building that is earthquake prone and that it may suffer damage in a moderate earthquake.

The Council will consider enforcement action if a notice is not displayed correctly.