Rules for signs, flags, flagpoles, satellite dishes, advertising blimps or helium balloons vary according to zoning. Different zonings allow different heights, size of lettering, size of signs and total amount of signage.

Signs on heritage buildings and in the central city zone where the building is adjacent to an important open space, require resource consent.

In general the following applies:

  • Advertising is to be related to the site, except in most industrial business zones
  • Captive balloons including blimps and helium balloons may require resource consent
  • Signs should not involve movement
  • Signs should not be illuminated by intermittent or flashing light sources
  • Signs should not be located so as to obscure or to confuse the interpretation of any traffic signals or controls
  • Check the rules about the position of signs, particularly if it is proposed to be attached to a building
  • On sites adjoining a state highway or an arterial road with a speed restriction of 70km per hour or over there are additional restrictions on the number of signs per site, the height of lettering and their location.