If you run a food business you must ensure you produce or serve safe and suitable food.

Food Control Programmes

Under the Food Act 2014, Food Safety Programmes (FSP)(external link) will replace the current Certificate of Registration for food businesses.

You can find our more about FCPs at the Ministry of Primary Industries website, Food Control Plans under the Food Act 2014(external link).

Food Safety Programmes

Under the provisions of the Food Act 1981 food businesses must operate either:

  • under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 (i.e. register with the Council), or
  • adopt a Food Safety Programme (FSP).

When you operate under an FSP, you adopt a risk-based approach to food safety. The Food Hygiene Regulations focus on the structure of your premises, rather than hazards in your processes.

The business owner/operator, an employee, or an outside agent may design the FSP. There are experienced, qualified consultants available for this purpose.

A variety of factors influence food safety and each FSP must be tailored to the specific food operation or process in each business. The programme must be approved by the NZ Food Safety Authority and will be subject to an independent audit by a suitably qualified and NZ Food Safety Authority approved auditor.