You might need a building consent for minor residential works where your planned alterations are to walls or plumbing within your house or property.

'Minor work' includes alterations to walls or plumbing alterations. Interior alterations often need a building consent where they affect the structure of a building or parts of the building. This can cause problems in the future if not carried out correctly.

For example although a wall may not appear to support loads from above it may contribute to the buildings bracing. We recommend you get professional advice before altering or removing any wall.

Please note: The definition of 'minor' is at the discretion of the Council.

To apply for a building consent for minor internal residential building alterations, complete the following application form and check sheet:

  • Building consent application (Form 2 B-002) [Doc 830KB or PDF 110KB]
  • Single Residential Dwelling and Accessory building application check sheet (Form B-062) [Doc 604KB or PDF 121KB]


In some cases work may be exempt from the need to obtain a building consent. Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004, lists work that is exempt.

You can also apply for an exemption decision from the Council for other work on a case-by-case basis. This work must meet the requirement that it's built in accordance with the building code and won't pose a threat to people or property if done incorrectly. 

Please note: In some cases a building consent may not be needed but a resource consent may be a requirement.


Refer to the Building Consents Fee Schedule.

Please note: that fixed fees and minimum application fees do not always cover all of the consent related costs of an application.

Starting, progressing and completing your minor works

Once you have got the required consents, or have confirmed that you are exempt from requiring consent, you can start work on your project. It is important to understand the building consents process including inspections as you go. You will need a Code Compliance Certificate to complete the project.

Other useful information

If you are:

  • Building a deck
  • Building a garage
  • Altering an office in a commercial building
  • Installing a solid or liquid fuel burner

We also recommend you and your professional refer to the guide: Building Consent Application Notes  – Guidance on Means of Compliance [PDF 23KB) (Information sheet - B-302) to check you can meet building code standards for these kinds of alterations on your building and property.

If you are installing fire safety systems the following documents offer guidance: