Building consents are needed for some minor residential plumbing and drainage works.

However there is work that is exempt from consent as of right, and for other minor work the Council will consider an application for exemption from building consent where the work is being carried by people with a proven record of compliance.

Before you consider undertaking plumbing and drainage work without building consent, please refer to our guidance on exemptions

Examples of minor residential plumbing and drainage work include simple subdivision drainage, instant hot water systems, and installing a toilet in a bathroom.

To apply for building consent you will need to complete the following:

These forms might also be necessary when a building consent has been applied for:

You will need to book regular inspections and apply for a code compliance certificate.


Refer to the Building Consents Fee Schedule for further information.

Please note: that fixed fees and minimum application fees do not always cover all of the consent related costs of an application.