We’re making it easier to catch a bus, safer to cross the road and nicer to wait for your bus with improvements to the bus stops, pedestrian crossing and bus shelter area by Eastgate Mall.

Artists impression of Eastgate bus stops

The new bus facilities will help the 1400 bus passengers a day that use the Buckleys Road bus hub to have a safer and easier journey while also reducing the impact on surrounding residents.

Construction is underway and we expect to complete the work in September 2021.

As part of the work we’re:

  • Making Norwich Street a cul-de-sac to create a nicer space for bus passengers to wait.
  • Adding a safer signalised pedestrian crossing.
  • Creating a safer cycling option behind the bus stop.
  • Planting a green space to make a nicer place to wait at the bus stop.
  • Making it safer for residents to enter and exit their driveways.
  • Removing and replacing the trees in the median to make space for the changes.

We consulted on this work(external link) in November and December 2019 and a decision to go ahead with the work(external link) was made in 2020.

Other work happening in the area