Major Cycle Route network updates

The Council will deliver $65 million of its $156 million Major Cycle Routes network over the next three years, with a local investment of $23.5 million.

Comments invited on new cycleways

Christchurch City Council is inviting public comment on its plans for new cycleways in the city.

All are part of the Council's planned network of 13 Major Cycle Routes.

Papanui Parallel

Plans are available for the entire 4.9 kilometre Papanui Parallel route from Bealey Avenue to the railway line at Sawyers Arms Road. After early feedback on the route, separate plans are available showing an option for the cycleway to go along Caledonian Road, from Edgeware Road to Purches Street, where it would carry on along Colombo Street to Bealey Avenue.

Proposed work includes:

  • A new two-way cycleway on Sawyers Arms Road, Main North Road and Grassmere Street.
  • New traffic lights for pedestrians and cyclists to cross Main North Road.
  • New cycleways on Rutland Street.
  • A cul-de-sac option on Hawkesbury Avenue at Rutland Street.Papanui Parallel consultation booklet
  • New traffic lights at the intersection of Rutland Street and St Albans Street.
  • A new two-way cycleway on St Albans Street and part of Trafalgar Street.
  • A new low-speed area along Trafalgar Street with reduced traffic volumes where people traveling in vehicles and on bikes share the road space.
  • Cul-de-sac on Trafalgar Street to the north of Dover Street.
  • New traffic lights at the intersection of Edgeware Road and Colombo Street.
  • New cycleways on Colombo Street with an option aloing Caledonian Road.

Consultation closes on Monday 14 December.

Papanui Parallel consultation booklet [PDF 22MB]

Caledonian Road option consultation booklet [PDF 8.7MB]

Papanui Parallel Scheme assessment report

To help people understand the decisions made during development of the route, the Scheme Assessment Report is available along with the appendices. All are pdfs and some files sizes are quite large due to the number of plans and photographs. 

Papanui Parallel Scheme assessment report

Papanui Parallel Scheme Assessment Report appendices A-F

Papanui Parallel Scheme Assessment Report appendix G

Papanui Parallel Scheme Assessment Report appendices H-K

Papanui Parallel Scheme Assessment report Appendices L-M

Papanui Parallel Scheme Assessment report Appendices N-R

Papanui Parallel Scheme Assessment report Appendices S-T

Papanui Parallel Scheme Assessment report Appendices U-X

Papanui Parallel Scheme Assessment report Appendices Y-Z

Rapanui — Shag Rock Cycleway and Little River Link

Consultation is now closed on the designs for the city end of the Rapanui — Shag Rock Cycleway, from the intersection of Worcester Street and Fitzgerald Avenue to Linwood Park. 

Comments are no loinger being accepted on plans for cycleways in Addington, Middleton and the Central City, part of the Little River Link.


Once staff have analysed all the comments on both routes and any changes made, a report with recommendations on how to proceed will be presented to the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee in February 2016.

Christchurch Boys' High, Hagley Park cycleways to be built in 2016

The Council will build a new cycleway running past Christchurch Boys' High School and a wider shared path through North Hagley Park next year.

Completing these sections will mean a significant portion of the Uni-Cycle route is built to Major Cycle Routes standard. That will allow people to ride safely from Riccarton Bush past Christchurch Boy's High School, Mona Vale and Christchurch Girls' High School into Hagley Park and to the Central City at Armagh Street."

Matai Street East cycleway ready to ride

Matai Street East cycleway

Transport Minister Hon Simon Bridges and Christchurch City Councillor Phil Clearwater lead the ceremonial first ride along the new Matai Street East cycleway.

People can now ride a separated cycleway alongside Matai Street East past Christchurch Girls' High School and into Hagley Park.

A new crossing with traffic lights provides a safe easy crossing over Deans Avenue.

The cycleway connects with existing facilities and provides access to a number of destinations, including Christchurch Boys' and Girls' high schools, Riccarton Bush as well as Mona Vale and Hagley Park. 

Media release: Matai Street cycleway opens to public

Uni-Cycle Route factsheet [PDF 1.5MB]


Everyone to share in $1.2 billion of benefits

The community will get more than $1.2 billion in benefits from the network over 40 years, according to transport planning company Quality Transport Planning (QTP). Among the benefits that were allocated a monetary value in the QTP report were the impacts on health and well-being, pollution, road congestion and crash rates.

Quality Transport Planning report: Christchurch Major Cycleway Routes Updated Funding Assessment February 2015 [PDF 15.59MB]