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Last reviewed: Tue, 26 Mar 2013

Christchurch City Three Year Plan and Long Term Plan

Christchurch City Three Year Plan

The Council and Government agreed to delay Christchurch City Council’s Long Term Plan until 2015 so an earthquake recovery cost-sharing method could be worked out together. A Long Term Plan looks at the next decade but at this stage in the Christchurch rebuild we need a more appropriate planning mechanism with more immediate goals. We are still following all the principles laid down in the Local Government Act as they apply to any New Zealand local authority.

A final Christchurch City Three Year Plan was adopted by Councillors on 28 June. View the media release here.

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Three Year Plan 2013-16
Volume 1 of 2

Three Year Plan 2013-16
Volume 2 of 2
Table of Contents & Introduction
Table of Contents
We have listened Assessments of Various Services
Christchurch Recovery and Rebuild Issues and Challenges
Funding Impact Statement and Rating Policies
How We Pay for Services
Financial Policies (includes Development Contributions Policy
Your CouncilReserves and Trust Funds
Community Outcomes
Council Fees and Charges
Development of Māori Capacity to Contribute to Council Decision-Making Processes
Policy on Significance
Financial Strategy
Council Controlled Organisations
Financial Overview
Capital Endowment Fund
Council Activities and Services


 ·Water Supply


 ·Stormwater, Flood Protection/Control Works


 ·Sewerage Collection, Treatment and Disposal


 ·Roads and Footpaths


 ·Regulatory Services


 ·Refuse Minimisation and Disposal


 ·Recreation and Leisure


 ·Parks and Open Spaces


 ·Economic Development


 ·Democracy and Governance


 ·Cultural and Learning Services


 ·Community Support


 ·City Planning and Development


 ·Corporate Activities


Financial Forecasts


Capital Programme


Glossary of Abbreviations


Christchurch City Three Year Plan- Open Day, 23 March 2013.

Mayor Bob Parker answering questions at the Open Day during the submission period.

Q&A with the Mayor - TYP - 23 March 2013.


Background - Long Term Council Community Plan 2009-2019

Amendment to LTCCP 2009-19

LTCCP 2009–19

The latest version of the LTCCP is the 2009-19 final version. This was adopted by the Christchurch City Council on 30th June 2009 and has effect from July 2009.

The final version of the LTCCP can be found here.

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Last reviewed: Tuesday, 26 March 2013

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