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Last reviewed: Mon, 24 Sep 2012

Land Availability in Christchurch


As a result of the Canterbury earthquakes, and subsequent government decisions on red-zoned land, it became clear that the demand for land for housing would change from that originally planned. The Christchurch City Council and CERA have worked to ensure there is sufficient land for housing, particularly by rezoning rural land for residential use. 

The purpose of this page is to help people find out what developments are happening that will provide residential sections and how to contact developers with sections for sale.

Sections available in Christchurch

Land rezoned in the Greater Christchurch area during the last 18 months will provide sections for more than 20,000 households in coming years.

Indications from developers are that there will be up to 6600 greenfield sections released on the market during the next two years, about 3170 of which will be in Christchurch City.

The majority of these will be in the south west and Belfast areas, the two areas identified in the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy as best able to accommodate future urban growth and development.

Click here for more information about the planning and subdivision process of making sections available in Christchurch.

There are three maps available to indicate current and future land availability:

1. This map indicates sections that are available in Christchurch within developments that are for five (5) sections or more and have obtained subdivision consent from the Council. See Useful Sites links (at right) that may identify other sections available, for example, in subdivisions of less than 5 sections. Having subdivision consent does not mean that Titles are available.  The subdivider may still be going through the steps necessary to have Titles made available (refer to The Subdivision Process).  However, it is common for developers to enter into contracts to sell sections before Titles are available. An explanation of these terms found in the map are defined below.

2. This map indicates where future development is to occur within Christchurch and at what stage of the planning process these developments are at. These areas do not have subdivision consent and may not yet be zoned for residential development. For more information refer to Making land available for housing.

3. This map combines the two (2) maps above, indicating both where sections are available and where future development will occur in Christchurch.  

Should you have issues accessing these maps, please contact the Council on

Please note: the information provided on section availability within these maps has been provided by developers and real estate agents. The Christchurch City Council does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies. The listing of a development or subdivision on this website does not imply any recommendation of them.

For more information on these subdivisions, the developer should be contacted. Please note that the data is not comprehensive and there may be other subdivisions where sections are available that the Council is not aware of. Where a subdivision has been removed from the map this may be due to up-to-date information not being provided. There may still be sections within subdivisions that have been removed from these maps.

Definitions in the maps

To assist in your understanding of the information provided within the maps, please refer to the explanations below:

Total Number of Potential Sections in Development
Explanation – This is the total number of sections that the particular development is likely to yield once the whole development of the area is complete. Large developments can take 10 – 15 years before all sections within it are fully developed, sold and built on. This total number is subject to change and is provided as a guide only.

Number of Sections with Subdivision Consent
Explanation – This is the total number of sections within the development for which the Council has granted subdivision consent. Developers (particularly of large developments) commonly subdivide only part of the whole development area at a time and apply for a separate subdivision consent for each part. It may take many years to complete a whole development area due to such factors as infrastructure availability, demand etc.

Sections Sold with Subdivision Consent
Explanation – This is the total number of sections that have been sold out of the total number of sections with subdivision consent (refer above). This information comes from the developer, or their agent, and reflects the sales they have made.

Sections for Sale with Subdivision Consent
Explanation – This is the difference between the ‘number of sections with subdivision consent’ and ‘sections sold with subdivision consent’ (refer above). This assumes that sections are available for sale as soon as they have received subdivision consent from the Council. This is commonly the time that developers make sections available for sale, but developers may choose not to do so. After receiving subdivision consent it will take time to develop the sections and get to the point where Titles are available. Additional sections may be available for sale if the person who bought the section from the developer originally decides to sell the section.

Sections with Titles
Explanation – This is the number of sections with subdivision consent which have also been issued a Title by Land and Information New Zealand (LINZ). Once a Title has been issued the section may legally have ownership transferred from the developer to the purchaser and the Council may allow the commencement of building on that section, subject to obtaining all necessary consents, such as a building consent.

Infrastructure availability

Indication of infrastructure availability and other potential constraints is identified in this document [PDF 100KB] 

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Last reviewed: Monday, 24 September 2012

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