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Key decisions from today’s Council meeting

25 July 2013

Christchurch City Council met today, with the key decisions made outlined below:

Green light for Memorial Ave traffic light installation: The Council has approved the installation of traffic lights at Memorial Ave and Ron Guthrey Road intersection that will facilitate the future development of the surrounding area. The installation to fits in with the NZTA and CIAL (Christchurch International Airport Limited) plans that continue to work for traffic improvements in this area.

Buchanans Road Plan Change: The Council has agreed to adopt and publicly notify a private plan change that will allow the rezoning of 6.24 hectares of land between Buchanans Road and Roberts Road to enable residential development. The land designation would change from Rural 5 to Living 1, Living 3 and Open Space 2 zones. 

Bus shelter guideline review: The Council has agreed to review bus shelter guidelines with regard to flexibility and suitability for bus users with mobility issues.

Land exchange to improve eco-health of Lake Ellesmere: The Council has approved the land exchange agreement that will see just over four hectares of underutilised Council rural land in the Kaituna Valley in Banks Peninsula exchanged for approximately 15.2 hectares of private land adjoining Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere, the Rail-trail and the lower reaches of the Kaituna River. The exchange is intended to improve the long term ecological health of Lake Ellesmere. The exchange will be done on a quid pro quo basis.

Independent road safety audit set for Noble sub-division: The Council agreed to have an independent safety audit of the road network in the Noble sub-division including the Yaldhurst Road intersection. As part of the process Council will also engage a barrister to review the planning process for Yaldhurst Road.

Membership of the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk (UNISDR) and 'Making Cities Resilient Campaign': Following a Notice of Motion submitted by Sam Johnson, the Council has agreed to look at joining UNISDR with the view to becoming a world leader in disaster risk reduction and recovery.

Tuam Limited: Councillors voted to appoint Acting Council Chief Executive Jane Parfitt as a director of Tuam Limited, filling the position left vacant by the resignation from the board of Chief Executive Tony Marryatt.  Acting Corporate Services General Manager Diane Brandish is the other director.

Earthquake Heritage Buildings Fund Trust: Councillor Glenn Livingstone has been appointed as the Council’s trustee for the Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Buildings Fund. The trust was established in 2010 and provides financial assistance to owners of heritage buildings to repair damage caused by the Canterbury earthquakes.

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Last reviewed: Thursday, 25 July 2013

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