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State of Emergency status (12pm, 16 September 2010)

16 September 2010

The state of emergency has been lifted from the Christchurch City Council Area.

“We are now moving from a state of emergency to a state of urgency,” says Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker. “We will be operating under the new powers brought in under the Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Bill, but transferring from a civil defence situation and back closer to business as usual.”

“This doesn’t change the fact that many people are still facing great difficulties, and resolving these issues will continue to be a focus as we rebuild our region. As mayors we have jointly dedicated ourselves to finding as many lasting solutions as possible.”

The functions of the EOC (Emergency Operation Centre) at the Civic Offices are being transferred over the next two days to the Council’s normal operations. People who have inquiries relating to the Civil Defence emergency should continue to contact the Council’s call centre on (03) 941 8999 or Free phone: 0800 800 169 .

Can I remove the placard now that the state of emergency has been lifted?

Buildings that have been assessed for earthquake damage have placards on them that follow a colour-coded 'traffic light' system, based on international engineering best practice and adapted for New Zealand conditions.

The placards should not be removed when the states of emergency are lifted, because they indicate that a building has had an initial assessment.

Definition of what the placards mean is available here

These building safety evaluation placards were developed by the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering with support from the Department of Building and Housing and the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

The placards are temporary notices that will be replaced by notices issued by the Council under Sections 124 and 125 of the Building Act 2004.

For further information, please refer to the Christchurch City Council website, email or contact the Christchurch City Council call centre on (03) 941 8999 or Free phone: 0800 800 169 .

Media inquiries can be directed to (03) 941 7373 or 027 241 0244 .


Authorising Unit: Civil Defence and Emergency Management

Last reviewed: Thursday, 16 September 2010

Next review: Wednesday, 16 March 2011

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