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Staff at Christchurch City Council - Earthquake Update (Updated 14 September 2010)

8.00am, Monday 6 September 2010

Thank you for your patience. Our main focus over the last couple of days has been on getting you all back to work as soon as possible.

I am now in a position to be able to tell you where you will be working next week.

Those people based in the Civic Offices in Tuam St and Hereford St will be back at work next week - but probably not at their own original desks. The attached spreadsheet explains where people will be based.

Other staff will be contacted by their Team Leader once their place of work has been assessed and is open again. I have attached a list of our facilities and their status.

The earthquake and aftershocks have damaged the wall lining in the fire stairs and lighting in Hereford Street, which limits the number of people we can have working in the building. Construction teams are in there now working hard to get the building back up to full capacity. This work will take a maximum of six weeks.

In the meantime we have identified other council facilities to work from on a temporary basis. We have tried to keep teams together as much as possible. I would ask for your understanding if the space you are allocated is not as big as you would normally have and that your phone extension may not be the same.

We will aim to bring you all back into Hereford Street to the desk you were originally allocated, as soon as space becomes available.

How it will work:

Tuam Street staff

Identify the facility you are moving to from the attached spreadsheet.

If you are moving to other facilities - Crown Removals will pack and uplift your work and computers and take them to your new location. You should then turn up to work at your new location on the specified date and time. Please be aware that although we have tried to keep all your belongings together with your PCs there may be some things misplaced.

If you are already in the Annex or are moving to it - Arrive at the building at 8.30am and wait for your health and safety briefing. Your belongings will have been moved for you, so just go to your allocated desk which will be labelled with your name.

DMC House

There are 40 people moving from DMC House to the Tuam Street Annex. These people will be contacted. They need to pack their essential work in one box and take it to the Annex. PCs will be available.

Hereford Street staff

Identify on the attached list which day and time you need to come in. We have staggered the start times so the contractors can keep working through.

Gather in the foyer at the Worcester Street entrance. Staff should wear casual clothes and appropriate footwear. Bear in mind that the building is a construction site and you will need to take care when moving around. There will be a health and safety briefing.

You will be given a hard hat and one box and taken in groups up to your desk. You will then have an hour to pack essential work items into that box.

If you are moving within the building - you will be directed to a new desk. Take your box to the desk you are allocated, being careful with the belongings of the current owner of the desk, and start work. Be aware that you may need to move again to another desk while the building is being repaired.

If you are moving to another facility - label your box with your name and the location you are moving to and take your box to the loading bay, leave it there, then return home and be prepared to come in to work at your new location at 8.30am the following morning.

Hereford Street will be open to the public from Monday 13th at 9.30am. But only the ground floor and first floor will be accessible to the public.

EOC Civil Defence team will be moving from the Art Gallery to the New Civic on Hereford Street over the weekend.

Your manager or team leader should also be in touch with you to talk about this move and your work in the coming weeks. If you have any other questions please speak to them.

The next few weeks will be difficult for all of us, as it will be for many organisations and businesses around the city, but I would ask you to please be flexible, considerate and supportive of your colleagues. Help people out wherever you can, be respectful of other people's property when you're sitting at their desk and rest assured we are working hard to get you all back to normal as soon as possible.

I would like to thank you all, once again, for your hard work and professionalism over the last few days, you are all a credit to this organisation.




Open to staff

Open to public





New Civic, Hereford


YES – Limited from Monday

YES – ground floor ONLY from Monday

Old Civic, Tuam




DMC House




Our City O-Tautahi




Art Gallery




For information on the status of our other facilities click here.


Authorising Unit: Civil Defence and Emergency Management

Last reviewed: Monday, 6 September 2010

Next review: Tuesday, 6 September 2011

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