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Last reviewed: Wed, 20 Nov 2013

Facilities Rebuild Programme

Following the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquakes, the Council embarked on a major programme to look at the future of the 1600 residential and non-residential buildings it owns. The Facilities Rebuild Plan provides a framework for decision making about the work that will be carried out on all the buildings in the programme.

The Facilities Rebuild programme ranges from larger facilities such as libraries and recreation and sport centres to smaller community facilities such as toilet blocks on local parks.

The facilities include:

• Sport and recreation facilities
• Libraries
• Community housing facilities
• Offices for Council staff and other development property holdings in the Central City
• Facilities on sports grounds
• Facilities on neighbourhood/ regional parks
• Parking buildings and other transport facilities
• Community centres and halls
• Early Childcare Learning Centres
• Heritage facilities

Since 2011, the Council has been undertaking the first phase of the programme, which will see it complete Detailed Engineering Evaluations (DEE) of all its buildings. (For more information about DEE assessments, visit the FAQs page).

The Council has approved repairs to a number of buildings while its DEE assessment programme has been progressing. (For more information visit the FAQs page). It has prioritised 30 facilities for further investigations, funding, and where possible, repairs. For more information visit the media release or the 30 top priorities page.

Decisions are still to be made about a large number of the facilities in the programme and we therefore do not have specific dates for when work may begin on every building.  (For more information, visit the FAQs page).

The Council will consider a number of other factors before a decision is made about each building including:

• the level of damage
• the level of insurance cover
• the building’s heritage value
• how often it is used
• its long term benefits for the community.

There are already a number of existing strategies in place that have been developed after public consultation and that are informing this process. The strategies include:

Other key Council strategies that are also aligned to this project include:

The future of some of the Council's major facilities – Christchurch Town Hall, the Convention Centre, Christchurch Art Gallery, the former AMI Stadium, Central City Multi-Sport facility and QEII Recreation and Sport Centre, Centennial Recreation and Sport Centre, Central Library, Lichfield Street carpark, Manchester Street carpark and Sockburn Service Centre – were outlined in the Council Annual Plan 2012/13.

The future work that will be done on these facilities is the responsibility of the Council's Major Facilities Rebuild Unit, and therefore falls outside the scope of the Facilities Rebuild Plan project. Find out more about the Major projects as they get underway.


Authorising Unit: Capital Programme

Last reviewed: Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Next review: Tuesday, 20 May 2014

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