Christchurch will continually enhance the quality of life of its citizens and understanding of diverse cultures from around the world through proactive citizen Sister City relationships.


The following objectives for Sister Cities will assist committees to meet this vision:

  • To promote relationships between the people of Christchurch and the people of its Sister Cities.
  • To continue to increase international understanding and opportunities for wider-reaching relationships through the promotion of our Sister Cities in Christchurch.
  • To involve a range of community groups including (but not limited to) schools and other focus interest groups, and where appropriate local business under the auspices of key business facilitators.
  • To promote Christchurch as a city welcoming tourism and visitation and international economic development.


Each Sister City Committee will include in its membership a minimum of one and a maximum of two elected members.

  • Each Sister City Committee will review its membership annually.
  • Each Sister City Committee will receive a minimum annual grant of $3,000 to enable them to manage their relationships.
  • Sister City Committees will provide an annual plan and programme of activities with budget allocations defined, within the annual plan process of Council each year. Additional funding, in the form of grants, will be considered based on the annual plan.
  • An annual report using a standard format is provided to Council at the end of each financial year.
  • A longer-term review of each relationship will be carried out every three years commencing 2003.
  • International Relations Co-ordinators will oversee and service the committees and Council will provide free of charge a venue for each Sister City Committee meeting.

Scope for the future

The consideration of new Sister City relationships should be made on the basis of near-equal distribution of resource, personal interest and economic development opportunity into the areas of:

  • Education/arts/culture/sport - 35 per cent
  • Commerce/investment of capital - 35 per cent
  • Personal fulfilment, community awareness/support - 30 per cent.

Existing relationships will be assessed against criteria for new relationships but, given the inconsistency in the rationale for their selection, they must also be assessed in relation to the objectives for Sister Cities agreed by the Council.

Sister City relationships can develop from, or be re-classified to become:

  • Friendship cities
  • Special relationships
  • Strategic partnerships.

Future location of Sister Cities and alternative types of relationships should be considered in line with Central Government and regional initiatives in relation to international trade, immigration and education exchange. Consideration to ease of access to any future Sister City, and the volunteer support base in the community must also be given.

All future relationships must contain short and long-term review clauses and a mutually agreeable sunset clause.

28 September 2000