Council, 26 August 2010 amended 2014 and 2016

Apply for permission to erect a structure on, over or under a legal road


Roads are first and foremost for vehicular and pedestrian use by the community at large, and only by exception will the Council consider applications for structures on or over roads, as set out in this policy.

Permitting structures on or over roads can contribute to a more flexible approach to building design that adds to the character of the city and its outlying areas. This policy presents a pragmatic approach to address the functional and service requirements generated by the public or individuals.


The purpose of this policy is to enable the Council to reasonably control the use of:

  • Public road airspace and to protect the public from nuisance and inconvenience that may arise from these commercial activities (structures encroaching on airspace of roads).
  • Public roads for private and commercial activities to occur without creating undue inconvenience to the public (structures encroaching on and under roads).