Council 24 February 2000

That the changes proposed to the conditions for triathlon usage of Scarborough Park be adopted as Council policy.

1. The organisers shall absolve the Council from any liability whatsoever relating to their booking the use of the reserve and adjacent areas including foreshores, roads and streets.

2. Organisations wishing to use Scarborough Park for triathlons must book through the Customer Centre, Leisure and Parks Units.

3. Approval to hold an event is conditional upon the organisers obtaining approvals under the Traffic Regulations, Reserves Act, and any other statutory act as required, forwarding copies to the Leisure Manager prior to the proposed events taking place.

4. No more than eight triathlon events are to be staged each year at Scarborough Park.

5. A maximum of two national events are permitted each year which are to be approved by the Leisure Manager.

6. For national events, or events where the number of competitors is deemed by the Council to prevent unimpeded public access to the parks' playground/barbecue, paddling pool and toilet facilities, a parks closure will be required.

7. In the case of national/large events and subject to car parking and other requirements the Council delegates the powers of approval being given to either the Council Secretary-Community Relations Unit (in the case of (a)) or the Parks Manager (in the case of (b)) for either:

(a) The closure of the Esplanade between Head Street and Heberden Avenue, to allow cycle stands and supporting facilities to be sited on the road, thus relieving congestion on the park enabling the general public to use the playground/BBQ area.


(b) The closure of the park as allowed for in Section 53(1)(e) of the Reserves Act 1977.

8. Where a park's closure is required, a notice advertising the event is to be erected on the park (size and location to be at the discretion of the Parks Manager or his designated Officer) as well as public notification via newspaper advertisements and in local community newspapers, to be undertaken at least two weeks prior to each event. This will be carried out by the Council and will be at the expense of the event organiser.

The Scarborough Fare Restaurant proprietor will be notified of events in advance by the Leisure Unit.

9. The selling of food as part of the event is not permitted unless a separate approval is granted by the Leisure Manager or his designate.

10. The organisers are required to submit a course layout plan, including parking to the Leisure Manager.

11. The organisers are to submit a health and safety plan to the Leisure Manager which satisfies the requirements of the Health and Safety Act. (Details are to be provided on: transition, set-up, marshal placement, competitor flow chart, medical support etc.)

12. Access for competitors is not permitted through Scarborough Fare Restaurant's leased area.

13. Organisers are to allow members of the public to use the playground/barbecue, paddling pool areas and toilet facilities of Scarborough Park, except where the park has been closed to the public for national/large events.

14. Organisers are to avoid roping off any area which may prevent access to the Scarborough Fare Restaurant. (Although it is recognised that for safety reasons some areas require exclusive use by competitors.)

15. Sufficient marshals must be positioned as required to facilitate both public and competitor safety.

16. The organisers are responsible for leaving the park in a tidy state.

Rubbish is to be removed from the site at the event organiser's expense.

The costs of rubbish removal incurred by the Council or of any damage done to the park will be charged for.