Council, 26 April 2001.

That the Council support[s] the adoption of the six criteria noted in section one of the report (detailed below) as a draft policy framework for consultation with the major grant funding agencies.

Essential criteria

(a) The project must provide significant social, economic and/or environmental benefit

(b) The project sits substantially outside normal City Council service delivery activities

Optional criteria (one or all of the following may apply)

(c) The benefits of the project extend significantly beyond the boundaries of Christchurch City

(d) The project addresses a need or opportunity in an area where the City Council is not traditionally the lead agency in service provision

(e) The project relates to traditional Council service delivery areas but is a capital project of a nature which would normally only be implemented "once in a generation"

(f) The project (whether capital or operational) has been developed in partnership with other agencies which will also commit resources to its implementation (optional criterion).

26 October 2000

  1. That the Council approve[s] the addition of a "sufficient criterion" which reads "project supported in the past on an ongoing basis"
  2. That the Corporate Services Manager be given authority to approve future applications that meet either the sufficient criterion or the essential criteria and one or more of the optional criteria
  3. That applications meeting the criteria be forwarded to funding agencies and the Corporate Services Manager provide[s] a report listing these applications to the Strategy and Resources Committee for information on a quarterly basis.

26 April 2001