New cemetery for Christchurch area

The Council needs to start planning for a new cemetery as we’re expecting that it won't be too long before we need more burial plots. Before work begins, it is important that we understand community, cultural and faith needs.

Project status: Closed for feedback
Open for feedback: 30th October 2019 - 26th January 2020

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16 July 2021: Proposed Christchurch Cemetery at Templeton

In the recently approved Long Term Plan 2021-31, Council funding for the proposed Christchurch Cemetery at Templeton will become available in the 2024/2025 financial year. Because of the lead-in time, burial plots are expected to be available after 2030/31.

In 2019 the Council requested staff to start work on a draft development plan for a new cemetery and sports park in the west of Christchurch. The proposed site, which is currently used for grazing, is bounded by Maddisons, Kirk, Jones and Dawsons roads.

In terms of design, our preliminary thinking is to:

  • Provide for the burial needs for the wider Christchurch community including all cultures and faiths for the next 70 - 80 years, with stage one meeting the city’s burial needs for the next 30 years. The main entrance is shown off Maddisons Road (large blue arrow), with secondary entrances off Kirk and Maddisons roads. The yellow arrow indicates the main direction traffic would be directed to travel to the site.
  • Provide roads, footpaths, swales and planting which would create ‘rooms’ for separate uses / burials areas and to provide more useable / intimate spaces. Additional planting would screen adjacent residential areas from the cemetery and other nearby land uses.
  • Provide opportunities for neighbourhood recreation, connections to the community, the South Express major cycle way, playgrounds and fitness equipment.
  • Set aside a 30 hectare site for a future sports hub to be planned

 We’ve done a lot of engagement up to this point with the local community, faith and cultural groups, and other key interest groups to understand their needs.

We’ve heard that many people want plots aligned North/South or East/West, to have running water on site, and to have a gathering space for prayer and rituals. Some want dedicated space as their religious beliefs require separate burial areas from other religions. We’ve also spoken with people about the requirements for green and natural burials, a services area, and space for a separate, child-friendly area for baby loss.

Some of the local community’s concerns included potential traffic impacts, access points, and aesthetic impacts on views. Local residents have also acknowledged the potential benefits the development might bring to the community. These include: buffering of adjacent land uses, benefits of additional green space and recreation facilities, and an appreciation that the proposed development may be preferable compared with other possible uses the land could be put to.

Next steps

Once budget becomes available, staff will complete the draft development plan, undertake public consultation and continue working towards construction of the first stage of development. The cemetery is expected to be operational seven to eight years later.

Templeton Community meeting - 14 June 2021

A meeting to update the Templeton community on the proposed new cemetery for Christchurch will be held in the Templeton Community Centre on Monday 14 June 2021, starting at 7pm. 

Cemetery funding update - 10 March 2021 

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on what they’d like to see at the cemetery. Funding in the Council’s Draft Long Term Plan 2021-31 (LTP) for the cemetery has been pushed back, with $11.3 million indicated from 2025-31. This would be the funding required for the cemetery construction. The LTP is currently out for public consultation so you are able to have your say on this at

In the interim work is continuing on the draft development plan and we are planning to meet with the Templeton community in May (now June) to discuss the high level design for the site. 

Development plan to be prepared for new cemetery and sports park in Templeton

With most of our cemeteries closed or becoming full, developing a new district burial site is becoming more urgent. We’re legally required to provide for community burial needs and the land at Templeton could potentially meet the city’s requirement for at least 60 years.

The Council has agreed staff should begin drafting a development plan for its 100 hectare site in Maddisons Road, for cemetery use and a sports park.

We will be talking to community groups across the city during the development of the plan and want to make sure your views are considered.  We want you to tell us about the burial needs of your faith or cultural group by answering the questions below.

Once the draft plan has been prepared, we’ll formally consult before September 2020 so you and the wider community have a chance to provide feedback.

Proposed new cemetery for Christchurch presentation (with images) [PDF, 8.4 MB]



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