The Council needs to start planning for a new cemetery as we’re expecting that burial plots in our existing cemeteries will be sold or occupied by the late 2020s. Before design work begins, it is important that we understand cultural and faith needs.

Project status: Analysis & reporting
Open for feedback: 30th October 2019 - 26th January 2020
30 Oct 2019

Development plan to be prepared for new cemetery and sports park

With most of our cemeteries closed or becoming full, developing a new district burial site is becoming more urgent. We’re legally required to provide for community burial needs and the land at Templeton could potentially meet the city’s requirement for at least 60 years.

The Council has agreed staff should begin drafting a development plan for its 100 hectare site in Maddisons Road, for cemetery use and a sports park.

We will be talking to community groups across the city during the development of the plan and want to make sure your views are considered.  We want you to tell us about the burial needs of your faith or cultural group by answering the questions below.

Once the draft plan has been prepared, we’ll formally consult before September 2020 so you and the wider community have a chance to provide feedback.

Proposed new cemetery for Christchurch presentation (with images) [PDF, 8.4 MB]


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