All businesses that produce liquid trade waste and discharge to the sewer system must apply for a consent or registration to discharge.

Trade waste consent

A trade waste consent is an agreement between the Christchurch City Council and the industrial and commercial customers authorising them to discharge trade wastewater to the sewer system.

A trade waste consent is required by all businesses which fall into the small business (permitted use) or large business (conditional use) categories under the Trade Waste Bylaw 2015.

A trade waste consent may specify:

  • the type of pre-treatment required
  • how often the system needs to be serviced
  • the substances that are allowed to be discharged
  • the volume and/or rate of discharge.

Consents are usually issued for between 1 and 5 years depending on the type of consent and involve annual or quarterly trade waste charges. It may be necessary to monitor trade waste discharged into the sewer.

Registration to discharge

A business that discharges trade waste of less than 1,245m³ per annum, and is within the limits set out in Schedule 1A of the Trade Waste Bylaw 2015, must register. A permitted consent may be required and this will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.


Apply for a trade waste consent or registration to discharge by completing the relevant form below:

Email your completed form to: or post to:

Technical Services, Three Waters and Waste
Christchurch City Council
53 Hereford Street
PO Box 73014
Christchurch 8154