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Last reviewed: Fri, 12 Oct 2012

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To make a booking:

  • Fill in a separate booking form for each class
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Class sizes under 12 students are restricted, please contact us on 941 8067 or email us at .

The booking process has been streamlined. By requesting all the details at the time of submitting the booking form, we have removed the need for you to complete a confirmation letter.

On completion of your booking you will receive an email with a confirmation letter attached, followed by a second email with the programme planner attached.

Please ensure you

  • Consider Health and Safety requirements including adult/student ratios and Risk Activity Management plans (see individual programme webpages)
  • Check your school policy to ensure you are meeting those obligations

In making a booking, you are agreeing to provide the required adult/student ratios for the programme you are booking on to (the classroom teacher IS included as one of the adults) – check the adult:student ratios by programme and year level split.

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 A Waste of Time at Various Sites

 All Flushed Out at the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant

 Casting Magic with Worms at the Curator's House in the Botanic Gardens

 Casting Magic with Worms at the EcoDrop Metro Place, Bromley

Coastal Management

 Coastal Management at Spencer Park beach

 Coastal Management at Waimairi beach

 Coastal Management at North New Brighton beach

 Coastal Management at New Brighton beach

 Coastal Management at South New Brighton beach

 Creative and Native in the Botanic Gardens

 Fertilising For the Future (Worms) at the EcoDrop Metro Place, Bromley

 Fertilising For the Future (EM Bokashi) at the EcoDrop Metro Place, Bromley

Forest Survivor

 Forest Survivor in Bottle Lake Forest

 Forest Survivor at Spencer Park

Freshwater Frolicking

 Freshwater Frolicking at the Groynes

 Freshwater Frolicking at Styx Mill Conservation Reserve

Junior Park Explorers

 Junior Park Explorers in the Botanic Gardens

 Junior Park Explorers at the Groynes

 Junior Park Explorers at Halswell Quarry

 Junior Park Explorers in Spencer Park

 Junior Park Explorers at Travis Wetland

 Junior Park Explorers in Victoria Park

 Park Detectives in the Botanic Gardens

 Native Nurturing in Victoria Park

 Rocky Road of Discovery at Halswell Quarry

Saving the Sand Dunes

 Saving the Sand Dunes at New Brighton beach

 Saving the Sand Dunes at North New Brighton beach

 Saving the Sand Dunes at South Brighton beach

 Saving the Sand Dunes at Spencer Park beach

 Saving the Sand Dunes at Sumner Beach

 Saving the Sand Dunes at Waimairi Beach

Searching the Shoreline

 Searching the Shoreline at New Brighton beach

 Searching the Shoreline at North New Brighton beach

 Searching the Shoreline at South Brighton beach

 Searching the Shoreline at Spencer Park beach

 Searching the Shoreline at Sumner Beach

 Searching the Shoreline at Waimairi Beach

Stan's Got a Plan

 Stan's Got a Plan for Earthquakes

 Stan's Got a Plan for Floods

 Stan's Got a Plan for Pandemics

 Stan's Got a Plan for Storms

 Stan's Got a Plan for Tsunamis

 Water for Life at Main Water Pumping Station

 Watch Your Waste at Metro Place, Bromley

 Wetlands, Waders and Water Boatmen at Travis Wetland

We hope your students will enjoy their experience with us and be challenged through the activities we offer.

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Last reviewed: Friday, 12 October 2012

Next review: Friday, 12 April 2013

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