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Last reviewed: Fri, 16 May 2014

Asbestos advice

Working with asbestos can be dangerous to your health and to those around you. Specialist advice and services are required to remove asbestos.

Asbestos removal

Using professional asbestos disposal firms to undertake removal, transport and disposal is recommended as asbestos represents a significant health risk. It is advisable not to try to remove asbestos yourself.

Asbestos needs to be removed, transported and disposed of in an approved manner in accordance with the Health and Safety in Employment (Asbestos) Regulations 1998.

These regulations are administered by the Labour Dept/OSH, (now known as Worksafe NZ), and it is best to use a Worksafe certified contractor for this work.

Worksafe NZ also has the New Zealand Guidelines for the Management and Removal of Asbestos available on their website. The guidelines are produced in association with the New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association (NZDAA).

Worksafe NZ also has more information specifically for Canterbury homeowners who are having earthquake repairs.

For more advice on asbestos, read our factsheet [PDF 763KB], talk to your builder or a specialist asbestos firm listed in the Yellow Pages. 

What does asbestos look like?

If you are not sure if you have correctly identified asbestos, contact the Community Public Health for further assistance on (03) 364 1777 .

Community and Public Health have a useful brochure on safely removing asbestos from the home [PDF 489KB], and you can read the Council's factsheet here [PDF 763KB].

Community and Public Health also have a useful brochure about the effect asbestos has on human health [PDF 616KB].


The only city refuse station that accepts asbestos is the Metro Place EcoDrop (formerly EcoDepot), open Monday–Friday. Phone: (03) 941 7513 .


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Last reviewed: Friday, 16 May 2014

Next review: Saturday, 16 August 2014

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