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Last reviewed: Mon, 30 Jul 2012

Central City

The magnitude 6.3 earthquake which ripped through Christchurch in February 2011 was the most destructive earthquake to strike a New Zealand city in 80 years; the last being in Napier in 1931.

Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act (CER Act) required the Christchurch City Council to develop a draft Recovery Plan (Central City Plan) for the Central Business District (CBD) which was presented to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery within nine months of the legislation being enacted.

The Minster reviewed the Council's draft Recovery Plan, taking into account its impact, effect and funding implications, and came to the view that it could not be approved without amendment. In particular, there was insufficient information in the draft on how the Recovery Plan would be implemented and it proposed changes to the District Plan that were considered unnecessarily complex. 

The Minister established a special unit within CERA, the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) which has finalised the Plan and will lead its implementation, working in close collaboration with the Council, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu and other key stakeholders.

To view the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan click here. There's a section on frequently asked questions too. For further information on the Christchurch Central City Recovery Plan contact CCDU.

Below are the final draft Central City Plan documents developed by the Council which informed and shaped the CCDU's Christchurch Central Recovery Plan.

Draft Central City Plan background information

The final draft Plan, Changes to the Christchurch City District Plan and Global Stormwater Consent and three volumes of Technical Appendices adopted by Council are below, along with the full Tonkin & Taylor Christchurch Central City Geological Interpretative Report:

  Final Draft Central City Plan - view book
 Final draft 15 Dec 2011 Draft Central City Recovery Plan [PDF 14MB]
 Updated 11 Jan 2012 Central City Plan - Business Overview [PDF 700KB]
  Changes to the Christchurch City District Plan
 Update 15 Dec 2011  Changes to the Christchurch City District Plan and global stormwater consent [PDF 8.4MB]
  Central City Plan Technical Appendices
Appendices A-D

 Central City Plan Technical Appendices A-D [PDF 5.6MB]
 Video: Remembering the earthquakes [Youtube video link]

Appendices E-PO1 Central City Plan Technical Appendices E-PO1 [PDF 5.9]
Appendices PO2-S Central City Plan Technical Appendices PO2-S [PDF 4.1MB]


Please note that the Christchurch Central City Geological Interpretative Report file is low resolution, therefore some of the graphics might be pixelated. If you require a high resolution file please contact Council on ph. 941 8999.

The information contained in the Christchurch Central City Geological Interpretative Report represents the current view of Tonkin & Taylor which is subject to change (in whole or in part) without notice due to the unpredictable nature of earthquakes or other natural hazard events. Christchurch City Council is not qualified to have any view on the information contained in the report and does not represent or warrant the completeness or accuracy of any information within this report.

Christchurch City Council has no control over and shall not be responsible or in any way liable, to any person or entity that chooses to rely upon the information, for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies whether arising from negligence or otherwise or for any consequences arising therefrom. Any person or entity wishing to rely on the information is advised to seek such independent advice as may be necessary.

  Tonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Reports
  Tonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 2MB]
Appendix A Tonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 2.5MB]
Appendix B Tonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 2.9MB]
Appendix C Tonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 12MB]
Appendix D Tonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 340KB]
Appendix E Tonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 3.1MB]
Appendix FTonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 816KB]
Appendix GTonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 109KB]
Appendix H Tonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 661KB]
Appendix I Tonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 85KB]
Appendix J Tonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 969KB]
Appendix KTonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 28MB]
Appendix LTonkin Taylor Geological Interpretative Report [PDF 4MB]


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