Fish for gold and win

Thanks to everyone who entered. This competition is now closed

Win awesome prizes with KidsFest 2019

We've hidden six golden fish around the Christchurch CBD. Find four of them and tell us where they are for your chance to win amazing prizes. There are clues in the map below. 

Prizes include:

  • two Hunting and Fishing kids' start-up fishing package and a one-on-one fishing lesson
  • four Macpac outdoor gear prizes
  • four Orana Wildlife Park family passes
  • three Willowbank Wildlife Reserve family passes
  • twenty swim passes for Council pools

Be kind to the fish – stop contaminants from washing off the roads into the river

Below are helpful tips and tricks for how to do this, as well as some hints for the quiz.

  • When you put the bins out for collection, check the street gutter outside your property for litter and dispose of it in the correct bin.
  • Wash the car on a lawn or shingle driveway where the soap and dirt soak into the grass and soil. If you can’t do this, suggest to your parents or guardians to take the car to a car wash next time they visit a service station.
  • Brush your driveway clean, never wash it where the water will end up on the road and in the stormwater drain.
  • Don’t use cleaners and fertilizers around the home where they can be washed into the stormwater when it rains.

Together we can make a difference. The fish will love us for it!

  • Our fish plates represent the native Banded kokopu and tuna (longfin eel).
  • Banded kokopu (one of the five species of whitebait) typically live up to five to 10 years in freshwater rivers, lakes and swamps.
  • Banded kokopu are most abundant in places where they do not have to compete with other species and areas they are not preyed on by trout and salmon.
  • Both banded kokopu and eels are good climbers as juveniles and can be found in streams a long way inland.
  • Longfin eels can easily reach up to 60 years of age before they migrate to the Pacific Ocean near Tonga to breed at the end of their lives.
  • Trout and salmon were introduced to New Zealand for recreational fishing in the late 1800s and early 1900s. These fish can be found in and around Christchurch in waterways.
  •  The competition is open from 6 to 20 July 2019. Entries submitted before and after these dates will be invalid.
  • The competition is open to all three to seventeen year olds (at the time the competition closes). 
  • Family members of Council and HEB Construction employees are not eligible to enter.
  • To enter into the competition you will need a smart phone with internet access. 
  • You only need to find four golden fish. Attach a photograph of one of the golden fish. In the comments section provide location details (either name of place or name of the building they are located beside), for each of the golden fish you have found.
  • Please provide your contact details with your entry.
  • Only one entry per person into the competition.
  • Entries will be deemed invalid if they are missing correct location details, or do not include the entrant’s complete contact details.
  • All correct entries will be placed into a database and randomly drawn out to allocate prizes.

Prize winners will be notified by 23 July and results listed on the KidsFest website(external link).

Hunting and Fishing Package

Elena Eagle

Emily wilson

Macpac Gear

Hazel Witton

Taylor Belsham

Rory Sard

Sasha Sloper

Orana Wildlife family passes

Barney Sparrow Wiseman

Yu Qian Lee

Grace Bowman

Alexis ONeill

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve Family Passes

Harrison Mugford

Aidan Gibb

Charlotte Trinnaman

Two swim passes to Council pools

Morgan Collins

Jaeden Ewings

Charlie Loh

Sarah van Niekerk

Andrew Houghton

Joshua Exon

Joey Connor

Edison Willan

Eden Matthews

Ben Wilson

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