Beca Heritage Week 2016

Heritage Week is an annual festival held in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula to celebrate the heritage of our district.

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Planning for Beca Heritage Week is well underway.

Event applications have now closed. In the next few months this webpage will be updated with the key events and all the community events that make up Beca Heritage Week 2016 programme.

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Hidden histories - our stories unearthed

The theme for Beca Heritage Week 2016

Hidden Histories - our stories unearthed is the theme for Heritage Week 2016. A chance to explore the aspects of our history that are less well known or less easily accessible or visible. There are anniversaries this year relating to archaeology, including 150 years since the discovery of the Moa bones that became the foundation of the Canterbury Museum, 125 years since a 10 metre Maori canoe was dug out of the Avon River.

Unearthed is defined as to find or discover something that was hidden or lost, tofind something that was buried in the earth, to make known or public/bring to light. (Merriam-Webster -

Hidden Histories - our stories unearthed explores the treasures that lie beneath the ground and the treasures /aspects of our history that are hidden from view. This may include archaeology, oral histories, objects or buildings with forgotten pasts, forgotten or lost stories from our neighbourhoods, distant history or more recent past. Hidden histories of our environmental heritage may be 'unearthed' and shared.

We want Beca Heritage Week 2016 to be about experiencing our heritage through the hidden histories that can reveal so much about where we have come from. Let's explore aspects of our past that are less visible and come together to celebrate, commemorate and engage with our history by bringing our stories to light.