Final approvals

When you have passed all inspections and are issued a Code Compliance Certificate for your building project you will have documented assurance that you have taken all the right steps under the Building Act.

Code compliance certificate

A code compliance certificate is the last milestone to complete consented building work.

Compliance schedule

Obtain a building warrant of fitness to show that the requirements of the building’s compliance schedule have been fully met in the previous 12 months.

Certificate of acceptance

A certificate of acceptance can be issued by the Council detailing the level to which unconsented building work you have had carried out on your property, complies with the building code.

Certificate for public use

A certificate for public use is issued by the Council where it is satisfied your premises are safe for members of the public to use, before a code compliance certificate is issued.

Restricted building work

Building work affecting the structure or weather-tightness of a residential building is ‘restricted’ under the Building Act 2004. The rules mean you must employ a licensed building practitioner to design, carry out or supervise this kind of work.

Unconsented or unapproved building work

Discuss with us building work that has been carried out without a building consent so you can consider your options to comply with section 40 of the Building Act 2004.