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Last reviewed: Thu, 09 Jan 2014

Occupation and qualifications

Source: Statistics New Zealand census of population and dwellings 2013

City wide

Occupation (ANZSCO* Codes) 20062013
Number % Number %
Managers 25,188 14.925,49715.3
Professionals 35,235 20.9 38,73623.3
Technicians and Trade Workers 22,815 13.5 23,35814.1
Community and Personal Service Workers 16,026 9.515,1659.1 
Clerical and Administrative Workers 21,573 12.820,33412.2
Sales Workers 19,056 11.316,5219.9
Machinery Operators and Drivers 10,992 6.59,7655.9
Labourers 17,607 10.416,75510.1
Total168,495 100166,134100
Not Elsewhere included 9,5976,213

*ANZSCO refers to the 2006 Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations.

  • Population aged over 15 years. Includes Full-time (30 hours or more worked per week) and Part-time (1–29 hours worked per week)
  • Note: Some totals may differ between tables due to rounding.
Highest Educational Qualification Gained 20062013
Number % Number %
No Qualification 60,41723.449,67419.6
Level 1 Certificate 34,63213.432,23212.7
Level 2 Certificate 28,46711.027,48910.9
Level 3 Certificate 25,80610.026,196 10.4
Level 4 Certificate25,6719.924,6609.7
Overseas Secondary School Qualification 14,280 5.514,5325.7
Level 5 or Level 6 Diploma*25,668 10.025,0329.9
Bachelor Degree and Level 7 Qualifications 29,80511.535,23813.9
Post-Graduate and Honours Degree 6,021 2.38,3193.3
Masters Degree 5,406 2.17,2422.9
Doctorate Degree 2,049 0.82,4781.0
Total Stated258,384100253,095100
Not Elsewhere Included 24,39927,516 

*Consists of level 5 and level 6 diploma responses. These categories have been combined due to data quality concerns

  • Population aged over 15 years
  • Note: Some totals may differ between tables due to rounding.

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Ward and area unit

To see the data above at Ward and Area Unit level, please refer to the ward and area unit spreadsheet [Excel 1.3MB]. This file is in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. You will require the free Excel viewer to view it.

Users are cautioned that when the Area Unit worksheet is viewed in print preview, it is 224 pages long, and the Ward worksheet is 48 pages long. It is recommended that users copy and paste the information they require into their own Excel spreadsheet, rather than printing the whole spreadsheet.

Ward and area unit boundary maps


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Last reviewed: Thursday, 9 January 2014

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