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Last reviewed: Fri, 20 Mar 2015

Alcohol licensing

Most people like to have a drink when they celebrate a special occasion or socialise. However misuse of alcohol can lead to social problems. The Christchurch City Council the Police, Community and Public Health have a responsibility to control how alcohol is sold, supplied and consumed. Hosts, retailers and alcohol suppliers also need to ensure they and their staff have the right training and the correct licence so guests and customers can enjoy alcohol responsibly and within the law.

Sacrosanct Day trading for licensed premises 2015

Good Friday – 3 April 2015
Easter Sunday – 5 April 2015
ANZAC Day – Saturday 25 April 2015

The transferable public holiday for Anzac day is on Monday 27 April, however this is not a sacrosanct day.


Premises holding an Off-licence are not permitted to sell alcohol on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, or before 1.00 pm on Anzac day.

All on-licences

No alcohol is to be sold on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, or before 1.00pm on Anzac day to any person other than those who are:

  • for the time being living on the premises
  • present on the premises for the purpose of dining.

Casual drinking is not permitted (please note – this includes restaurants).

Special licences

If you are planning a special event for any of these sacrosanct days and require an alcohol special licence:

Types of alcohol licences

Apply for an alcohol licence

Application forms

Manager’s certificates

Object to the granting of an alcohol licence

Host responsibility

Alcohol bans

Supplying food


Alcohol licence public notifications

Christchurch Tri-Agency Newsletter

Contact Us

If you require more information or assistance please contact the Christchurch City Council Alcohol Licensing Team:

Phone: (03) 941 8827


Authorising Unit: Inspections and Enforcement

Last reviewed: Friday, 20 March 2015

Next review: Sunday, 20 March 2016

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